Cascade II

Cascade Series by Coast Spas

This spa is sure to impress and has plenty of room for all your needs. At just over 11 feet corner to corner, this beautiful spa comfortably seats seven people and features over six feet of waterfalls.

But it isn't just pretty to look at. Coast's Cascade II features up to 61 massage therapy jets, with three powerful jet pumps to deliver deep, therapeutic massages to each bath, without a bobbing skimmer and grate to take up precious tub space. Instead, the water flows over a four foot waterfall into a closed pressurized filtration system. This means that you won't have to sit in the same body of water as your and whatever it has removed from the water.

The Coast Cascade also features a softly lit color LCD control panel, underwater light, stainless steel hand controls, jets shining with Trillium stainless steel, several custom seating options, a floor sweeper jet, open seating, a spacious foot well. Featuring a captains chair and no-float lounger, the Cascade II also offers a cool down seat will allow you to prolong the experience, and step-in seat, which will help you enter the spa safely. This gorgeous spa comes standard with more premium design features than are found on the most expensive spas.

Your new Cascade II spa comes with the largest waterfall ever installed on a portable hot tub. And it's not just pretty to look at. This exclusive adjustable water feature is elevated far above the waterline, positioned to allow you to sit directly under it. You will enjoy the soothing sensation of warm water pouring over your tired shoulders and melting away all your aches and worries

Handcrafted quality workmanship and advanced engineering have made the Cascade II one of the most sought after and admired spas in the business.

Features and Options


Seating Capacity 7-person spa
Dimensions 94 x 101 x 47 inches
Average Spa Volume 480 gallons
Dry Weight 1477 lbs.
Total Filled Weight 5485 lbs.
Jet Pumps Varies based on Configuration
Filtration System Hydrocyclonic Filtration System
Electrical Requirements

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