Journey Curve

Curve Series by Coast Spas

The Journey Curve is a perfect spa for entertaining. It has seats for 6 adults, one of which is a luxurious 'captain's chair' style seat which offers all the extra jetting usually found exclusively in a lounge, so you can get all the extra leg massage action without being the odd man out. But don't think that means the other seats are neglected; each and every seat has a different jet configuration that targets different muscle groups, allowing for everyone to get the massage they need.

From LED Lighting to the LCD controls, from the stainless steel trim jets to the plush headrests, every inch of this spa was designed for maximum quality and maximum enjoyment. It comes with a commercial-grade Hydro Cyclonic Filtration system (83% more efficient and 20% faster than skim filtration) which is pressurized so debris caught in the filter never flows back into the water you are bathing in. The clean water flows back through a stunning 24" waterfall designed to soothe and excite your senses. Find out today why the Journey Curve will be an experience everyone will remember.

Features and Options


Seating Capacity 6-person spa
Dimensions 84 x 92 x 47 inches
Average Spa Volume 384 gallons
Dry Weight 915 lbs.
Total Filled Weight 4121 lbs.
Jet Pumps Depends on Configuration
Filtration System Hydrocyclonic Filtration System
Electrical Requirements

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