Cascade Series by Coast Spas

We didn't build the Cascade III to blow minds, but that's exactly what it has become known for. This spa attracts attention so well that we build one to take with us to every show and any event we sponsor. The Phantom was initially built due to overwhelming requests to have a vanishing edge spa that would look stunning if installed into the corner of a deck, yard or room. However instead of becoming a spa that sat in the corner of a yard, it has become the centerpiece.

Full color LCD controls with stainless steel waterfalls, jets and hand controls are just some of the prestigious aesthetic features that come standard on the Cascade III. The Phantom's unique shape allows for two opposing seats with jets that wrap around your upper body, to give the Trillium massage jets a superior vantage to properly massage your lower neck, back and triceps. The Cascade III was designed with barrier-free seating to accommodate your friends and family without locking them into a specific seating position.

Vibrant light packages, sound systems and even LCD TV's can be added to make this spa your pride and joy. An industry-leading commercial-grade pressurized filtration system keeps your water crystal clean. With the vanishing edge on the front of the spa, you don't have to worry about water displacement or having a filter grate and skimmer taking up extra room. If you want a spa that will be the centerpiece of your backyard, you will want the one-and-only Cascade III - Phantom.

Features and Options


Seating Capacity 7-person spa
Dimensions 94 x 94 x 47 inches
Average Spa Volume 480 gallons
Dry Weight 1032 lbs.
Total Filled Weight 5040 lbs.
Jet Pumps Depends on Configuration
Filtration System Hydrocyclonic Filtration System
Electrical Requirements

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