Radiance Curve Lounge

Curve Series by Coast Spas

The Radiance Curve Lounger is appropriately named for it phenomenal no-float design lounger that has over 20 stainless steel trimmed jets, each precisely placed to deliver a professional style massage and soothe tired muscles and joint pain. These adjustable jets are built to last, and powered by Coast's signature high-volume pumps - perfect to create an invigorating experience to melt away the stresses of the day.

It's more than just the lounger, however, and features enough versatile seating to accommodate 6 adults. The two corner seats have large jets designed to massage large muscle groups, and the large 24" waterfall seat is perfect for tired and tense shoulders. A unique, powerful Volcano Jet rises from the spa floor, to give your tired feet and calves the strong massage they need.

If you want to pamper yourself, the Radiance Curve Lounger may be the best way to do it. Quality and relaxation are the name of the game with this spa, and it's easy to recognize why people love the Radiance Curve Lounger.

Features and Options


Seating Capacity 6-person spa
Dimensions 93 x 93 x 47 inches
Average Spa Volume 390 gallons
Dry Weight 1307 lbs.
Total Filled Weight 4565 lbs.
Jet Pumps Depends on Jet Configuration
Filtration System Hydrocyclonic Filtration System
Electrical Requirements

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