Lotus Bay

Bay Series Series by dimension one

If you liked any of our Dimension One Spas, why not step up to the ultra-luxury line? The Lotus Bay takes everything you like about hot tubs and turns it up to 11. You don't have to limit your massage to static jets; the included Massage sequencer will give you a massage that travels all the way up and down your body. You don't even have to settle for having to maintain a chlorine spa all by yourself - the included ozone system (the best in the industry) is there to help.

Features and Options

UltraPure Plus

UltraPure Plus is the most advanced water treatment system in the industry. It's the only system in the world that uses Ultraviolet light to generate ozone gas while simultaneously killing the bacteria in the water directly.
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Massage Sequencer

You won't find anything quite like the massage our Sequencer will give you. Select any one of our six massage programs and it will deliver you a massage that feels like it is sweeping across your entire body. Adjust the speed to your pleasure or even pause the massage position to focus on those tough pressure points. The valves running everything are completely silent, allowing you a calm, relaxing experience you will not soon forget.

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D1 SmartHub

Dimension One is proud to introduce their next generation control system. Building on top of their well-recieved M-drive system, the D1 SmartHub adds new features such as a full-color touchscreen, easy-to-use lit control buttons, and even Bluetooth functionality.

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Flex Therapy Pillows

Dimension One's Flex Therapy Pillows are a godsend for anyone who gets upper back and neck pains. The jets are mounted along with a comfortable headrest on an adjustable carriage, allowing you to get a perfect massage made just for you.

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The Ultralife Shell

It is a fact that the surface of a spa is the most stressed and abused part of any spa design. Dimension One is the only manufacturer to offer shells made out of Ultralife. Ultralife is the strongest shell material in the industry. How strong is it? So strong that we offer it with a lifetime warranty.

As a bonus, it's also slip-resistant., so you don't need to worry about having dangerous accidents when getting in and out of your spa.

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Echo Switches

The most annoying thing about any hot tub is that you have to leave your seat in order to change any of the settings. Echo solves this problem; Dimension One's exclusive magnetic switches are built right inside the spa. Best of all, they are placed under the water line, so you don't even need to reach out of the water for them.

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Seating Capacity 7-person spa
Dimensions 7'7 x 7'7 x 3'4 inches
Average Spa Volume 375 gallons
Dry Weight 1100 lbs.
Total Filled Weight 4225 lbs.
Jet Pumps 3x 2.0HP Jet Pumps
Circulation Pump 2x circulation pumps
Filtration System EZ-Lock Filtration System
Electrical Requirements 240V 50/40A

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Color Choices

Shell Colors

Blue Topaz
Smoked Marble
Desert Stone
Gray Marble

Cabinet Colors

Envirotect Brown
Envirotect Gray
Envirotect Tan
Terracina Vintage Cedar
Terracina Cherry
Terracina Driftwood Gray
Terracina Midnight Maple
Terracina Summer Pine