Wellness II Lounge

By Coast Spas

Features and Options

River Jets

Coast's River jets are extra-large and extra-long, sending a large continuous volume of water at you to swim against. An optional lighting kit gives you a beautiful sight as well as a nice target to swim towards.

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Exercise Equipment

It's never a good idea to only do a single exercise. Mix it up! Make the most of your swim spa by including our exercise package, including elastic bands, row bars, and a tether that can be used for multiple practices.

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Levitator Jets

Coast Spas is the only swim spa manufacturer to offer Levitator jets. These strategically placed jets are designed to keep you centered in the swimming lane and keep you from getting turned around.

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Hydrocyclonic Filtration System

Coast offers the only spa with a filtration system that is approved for the heavy duty scenario of public use. The system consists of a high-quality filtration element contained in a pressurized chamber. This chamber contains and isolates the debris, mold and bacteria colonies from exiting out into the bathing area. Furthermore, it is designed with no bypass valve, so you can rest assured that every single drop of water that goes into that chamber has been properly filtered. Coast really does have the best filtration system in the market.

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Hydrotherapy Seats 4 Adults
Dimensions 151 x 90 x 53 inches
Average Water Volume 1321 gallons
Dry Weight 2101 lbs.
Total Filled Weight 10505 lbs.
Jet Pumps Up to 4x 4HP pumps
Filtration SystemHydrocyclonic Filtration System
Electrical Requirements Call for information

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Shell Colors

Coast Sterling Silver

Cabinet Colors

Coast Synthetic Chestnut Cedar Unstained Cedar Redwood Cedar Grey Cedar Black Cedar Clear Satin Slate Stone Brown Slate Desert Sand Slate Mountain Grey Slate Obsidian