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Hot Tub Repair

Restore Your Hot Tub

Have our service department restore your spa to its original shine and sparkle!

Have you ever taken a long vacation only to come back to find your spa is covered with a green residue? Perhaps there is a rough scale covering the inside of your spa and scratching at your skin. It's not only gross, it's unsanitary. Your spa might be infected with bacteria and algae.

Luckily, our service department is staffed with professional and courteous workers who won't stop until your hot tub is back to it's original pristine and clean state. Our Off-The-Wall® wash is so effective, the results may just surprise you!

How does it work?

We have teamed up with BioGuard to develop an innovative three-step process utilizing their propriatary chemical treatment. Our skilled technician first applies a thorough coating of Off-The-Wall®. This chemical contains detergents to remove embedded oils and stains, in addition to a powerful acid that will loosen the scale deposits coating your hot tub's shell. Our servicemen will scrub every inch of your spa's shell to crush and remove the scale from the surface. A final rinsing and flushing of the plumbing will reveal your spa's original color and shine.

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