Paradise Series by Caldera Spas

The Makena® a full-featured, full-sized lounge spa model in the popular Paradise Series is perfect for daily personal care, family time and entertaining. The Makena features our signature comfort, performance and style amenities including 46 jets, 12 points-of-light, a backlit Acquarella® waterfall, and seating for up to 6 adults.

Features and Options

Energy Efficent

Caldera uses innovative FiberCor insulation applied at 2 pound density. This is four times more dense than standard 1/2 pound foam. The insulation keeps in the heat, which saves you money on your electric bill
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EcoTech Cabinets

Caldera's EchoTech synthetic cabinets are designed to withstand harsh weather and come out still looking gorgeous. Unlike wooden cabinetry, EcoTech will never rot - you will never need to strip and reseal your spa's exterior ever again. Available in your choice of three stained wood colors.
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Inline Frog System

Every Caldera Spa model comes with a Spa Frog inline chemical dispenser system built in as standard. The Spa Frog system automatically adds minerals and bromine to your spa, allowing you to soak in fresh mineral water with very little effort on your part. Alternatively choose Spa Frog's new @Ease system. @Ease uses a new chemical called SmartChlor, which ensures that you never have too much damaging chlorine in the water. It is, without a doubt, the easiest water maintenance system you can buy today.
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Seating Capacity 6-person spa
Dimensions 7'5 x 7'5 x 36" inches
Average Spa Volume 395 gallons
Dry Weight 1020 lbs.
Total Filled Weight 5365 lbs.
Jet Pumps 2 ReliaFlo Pumps
Circulation Pump EnergyPro Circulation Pump
Filtration System 75 sq. ft.
Electrical Requirements 230V/50A

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Color Choices

Shell Colors

Tuscan Sun
Midnight Canyon
White Pearl
Sterling Marble

Cabinet Colors

Coastal Gray