Grand Bahama

Island Series by Artesian Spas

Finding a place to relax is easy with a personal lounger at home. The Grand Bahama spa offers just that. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, this 6 seat spa is a great host to friends and family.

Features and Options


Seating Capacity 6-person spa
Dimensions 91" x 91" x 36" inches
Average Spa Volume 450 gallons
Dry Weight 947 lbs.
Total Filled Weight 4551 lbs.
Jet Pumps 1x 6.0BHP pump
3x 3.0BHP pumps
Circulation Pump 24 Hour Circulation Pump included as standard
Filtration System
Electrical Requirements 240V Required

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Shell Colors

Artesian Cinnabar Shell Artesian Glacier Mountain Shell Artesian Malibu Surf Shell Artesian Midnight Canyon Shell Artesian Midnight Opal Shell Artesian Mineral White Shell Artesian Oceanwave Opal Shell Artesian Oyster Opal Shell Artesian Sand Shell Artesian Sierra Shell Artesian Silver Marble Shell Artesian Storm Clouds Shell Artesian Summer Sapphire Shell Artesian Tourmaline Shell Artesian Tuscan Sun Shell Artesian White Pearl Shell Artesian White Shell Artesian Winter Solstice Shell

Cabinet Colors

Artesian Grey Cabinet Artesian Antique Cabinet Artesian Black Cabinet Artesian Java Cabinet Artesian Red Cabinet Artesian Taupe Cabinet Artesian Javastone Cabinet Artesian Sandstone Cabinet