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Why wait months on end to get the spa of your dreams when you could get it right now? Call any of our stores today to learn about our selection of in-stock hot tubs available for immediate delivery.

Hot Tubs Back On Sale

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What's better than spending your day lounging around in a hot tub? That's easy - lounging around in your own private hot tub from the comfort of your own home. You can make it any way you want. Don't want to deal with the heat? Set the temperature down and get a cool refreshing massage. Invite your loved ones and have a meaningful conversation or a playful outdoor party. With your own private hot tub, the sky's the limit and you're the one who decides what kind of recreation to enjoy, day by day.

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Right now Dimension One Spas is offering a choice of either 36 Months of 0% interest financing or up to $1000 off the price of your spa. Dimension One makes some of the best spas in the industry; they offer excellent quality construction that we have trusted longer than any other brand of spas.

Swimming Pools Starting at $2799

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Portable Pools on sale right now

It's summer — the perfect season for swimming. With many public pools closing, now is the time to get a pool of your own.

Buying an above-ground pool today can be like navigating a minefield. Most of them are made of thin layers of vinyl, which is easily pierced - imagine having your pool literally pop! And many of them come with pumps and filters so tiny, they might better be put to use cleaning fish tanks!

We make things easier for you by making sure we only provide quality offerings. Our pools are made of Kevlar — the same materials as bulletproof vests - so you can be confident your pool will not pop or leak. We match your pool with full-sized pumps and filters — the very same kind used on big commercial concrete pools. We can even have it set up for you if you'd like!

Pools Now on Clearance - $1000 Off!

Pools In Stock Right Now

(As of 9/9/2020)

  • 10' x 16' — $3999 $2999
  • 10' x 10' — $3799 $2799
  • 10' x 23' — $4999 $3999

Splash Superpools In Stock Right Now

(As of 8/21/20)

  • 9' x 17' — $5899 $4899
  • 13' x 21' — $7299 $6299
  • 13' x 25-½' — $7699 $6699
  • 16' Round — $5099 $4099

Prices include local delivery and professional-grade pump and filter.

*Speak with our sales representatives for more details

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