You Don't Have to Choose

Get both a pool and a spa in one convenient package

Swim Hard, Then Relax Easy

Our dual-temperature fitspas are perfect for those who don't want to compromise between getting a pool and getting a great hot tub. While you can get a single-body exercise pool with hydrotherapy seats in it, It's not as satisfying to relax in cool water or to swim in hot water.

TidalFit Dual-Temp Fitspas

Made For Your Convenience

Every aspect of our dual-temp swim spas are designed to make things easy for you. The inner steps are positioned to make it easy to get in and out from either section, and the swimming section comes with three conveniently-placed grab bars. With both I- and L-shaped options, It's much easier to fit where you want it in your home. Every model we offer is available in a semi-inground variation which provides the easiest installation of any pool out there; after you place it in your hole, just fill the gaps with dirt and you are done.

TidalFit Dual-Temp Swimspas

Even the Base Model is Fantastic

All of our dual-temp pools come with a bounty of features as standard. The swimming section comes with four giant 5" swim jets backed with two powerful 4HP water pumps, guaranteed to give you an excellent swim. Above the swimming jets is TidalFit's unique BellagioFall water feature; three ropes of water that glide through the air. The jets in the hot tub section are powered by Artesian Stainless Steel Helix jets, giving you an extremely comforting massage. Either body of water is supported by its own hi-flo circulation system, helping to keep your water clean at all times.

Our optional features take our already luxurious fitspas into another level altogether. With options including stereo systems, Color LED lighting packages, and automatic sanitation systems such as our exclusive Diamond AOP which integrates advanced Ultraviolet and Ozone sanitation technologies. We even offer a WiFi option allowing you to control your pool from anywhere in the world.

The Swimming Pool

Tidalfit FitSpa Pool Side


  • Dimensions: 168" x 91" x 54"
  • Water Capacity: 1680 Gallons
  • Dry Weight: 2250 Lbs.

Standard Features

  • Quad Swim Jet System
    • 4x Directional 6" Swim Jets
    • 2x 4.0HP Jet Pumps with Speed Control
  • Complete Pool Equipment
    • Hi-Flow Circulation Pump
    • 5.5KW Electric Heater
  • 3 Grab Rails
  • Bellagiofall Water Feature
  • 5" 12V Pool Light

Optional Features

  • Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer
    • 2x 5.0HP True Variable Speed Swim Pumps
    • 4x Directional 6" Swim Jets
    • Touchscreen Control with Programmable Swim Workout Options
    • Built-in Wifi
    • Control your swimming pool with a smartphone app
  • Dynabrite LED Lighting System
    • Replaces 5" Light with LED
    • 8 Additional 2" LED lights
    • Illuminates Bellagiofall Water Feature
  • Nature2 Mineral Cartridge sanitizer
  • Ozone Sanitation system with Mixing Chamber
  • Diamond AOP UV/Ozone Sanitation
  • Stationary Resistant Swim System
  • Row Bar and Resistance Band Kit

The Hot Tub

Tidalfit DT/DTL Spa with Lounge Tidalfit DT/DTL Spa without Lounge

8 Foot Lounge Hot Tub


  • Dimensions: 91" x 91" x 54"
  • Water Capacity: 450 gallons
  • Dry Weight: 947 Lbs
  • 56 Helix SS Jets with Dual Footblaster Jets

6 Foot Hot Tub


  • Dimensions: 72" x 91" x 54"
  • Water Capacity: 375 Gallons
  • Dry Weight: 850 Lbs.
  • 26 Helix SS Jets

Hot Tub Options

  • Bluetooth Stereo System
  • Worldwide WiFi App Module
  • 18" Tranquility Fall
  • Pump and Heater Valves
  • Diamond AOP Sanitation System
  • Crystal ProPure Ozone with Mixing Chamber
  • Nature2 Mineral Cartridge Sanitizer

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