South Pasadena's Nearest Spa Store

Whiteswan Pools and Spas in West Covina

Head South on Fremont Ave
2.6 mi

Use the left lane to turn left onto S Fremont Ave
394 ft

Use the left lane to merge onto I-10 E via the ramp to San Bernardino
377 ft

Merge onto I-10 E
9.7 mi

Keep left to stay on I-10 E
1.1 mi

Take exit 33 for Puente Ave
0.1 mi

Use any lane to turn left onto Dalewood St/W Garvey Ave S
Continue to follow W Garvey Ave S
0.9 mi

Turn left onto S Orange Ave
322 ft

Turn left onto W Cameron Ave
0.3 mi

Use the middle lane to turn slightly right onto W Pacific Ln
0.2 mi

Turn right onto N Orange Ave
0.1 mi

N Orange Ave turns slightly left and becomes W Garvey Ave N
Destination will be on the left
13 ft

You may need to zoom out of this map if you can't see the full route.

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