ATV-17 Kona and ATV-17 Sport

By Aquatic Training Vessels

Features and Options

High Volume Swim Jets

ATV-14 Sport owners get an exceptional swim experience with six extremely high volume Turbo Jets. The ATV offers an unparalleled 480 gallons per minute coming out it's jets. What does that mean to you? It means that you're not just being pushed back by the water pressure - you're actually swimming.

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3-2-1 Zone Control

Marquis spas offer a unique convenient control system that will give you more control over your massage. Marquis' exclusive Tri-Zone controls allow you to instantly adjust the pressure of the jets so that you can focus them on your upper back, your lower back, or your legs. Controling all of the jets at once makes your spa much easier to use, while reducing complexity.

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HOT Zones and HK Jets

Marquis is the only spa maker to offer exclusive HOT Zone massages; these zones are groupings of our exclusive HK Series jets, each designed to output many gallons per minute, clustered together to deliver an extremely focused yet relaxing massage.

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Worker-Owned; American-Made

Marquis is actually owned by it's workers. As a result, Marquis is one of the few spa manufacturers that do all of their manufacturing in the United States of America. Since the workers own the company, you are guaranteed that your spa has been designed and put together with the utmost care and deliberation.

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Hydrotherapy Seats 2 Adults
Dimensions 169 x 90 x 56 inches
Average Water Volume 1725 gallons
Dry Weight 2140 lbs.
Total Filled Weight 16526 lbs.
Jet Pumps 3 Dual-Speed Jet pumps at 480GPM combined
Filtration System Dual 180 Sq. Ft.
Electrical Requirements 50A 240V AC

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Marquis Ocean Blue Sky Blue Frost White

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