Premium EP-14

By TidalFit


Dimensions 168 x 91 x 52 inches
Average Water Volume 1650 gallons
Dry Weight 2250 lbs.
Total Filled Weight 16845 lbs.
Pump Configuration* Quad Swim Jet System with 4HP Swim Pump
Hydrotherapy Seats* 28 Helix jets with DirectFlow personal control
Filtration System* 1 50 sq.ft. filter + 1 microfilter
Electrical Requirements* 240V 50/60A
*Indicates best possible option. Please contact one of our associates for more details about available options

Features and Options

Quad Jet Swim System

TidalFit swimspas use extra large high-volume jets. These jets are designed to focus on pushing out as much water as possible; this helps push you back instead of just being hit by a high-pressure jet.
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Semi-Inground Models

Much more than just a design decision, TidalFit's Semi-Inground option allows the easiest, least expensive inground installtion, with no need to worry about drainage. As an added bonus, the height is adjusted to make it as easy as possible to enter and exit the vessel.
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Every TidalFit swimspa comes with a hydrotherapy. Enjoy spacious seating that you can only get on a swimspa and enjoy the massage by their tried and tested water jet system.
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Premium EP-14 in action

Color Choices

Shell Colors

Silver Marble
Oceanwave Opal

Cabinet Colors


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