Reflections Series by dimension one

This 92" X 92" large double lounger is the epitome of massage therapy and total muscle rejuvenation! It is so well designed, it's often been copied but never duplicated!

With a men's lounge designed for a men's massage needs. 16 well chosen Hydro-Therapeutic Jets provide ultimate relaxation and stress relief. Three adjustable neck pillows with four jets per pillow for neck and shoulder relaxation. The ladies lounge is a "No Float" design. With 14 multi speed jets to pamper you body and sooth away anxiety and stress. And the deep sport seat that can have all power in the spa diverted to that one deep seat for the most intense massage therapy anywhere!

Look at all the features and compare Diplomat with anyone else, this 5-6 person spa means serious business. Add to it all the other features that already come with D-1's Reflection Spas, and you'll see why Dimension One Spas are the Bentleys' of the Hot Tub industry.

Features and Options

The Ultralife Shell

It is a fact that the surface of a spa is the most stressed and abused part of any spa design. Dimension One is the only manufacturer to offer shells made out of Ultralife. Ultralife is the strongest shell material in the industry. How strong is it? So strong that we offer it with a lifetime warranty.

As a bonus, it's also slip-resistant., so you don't need to worry about having dangerous accidents when getting in and out of your spa.

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Neck Therapy Pillows

Dimension One's Neck Therapy Pillows are a godsend for anyone who gets upper back and neck pains. The jets are mounted along with a comfortable headrest on an adjustable carriage, allowing you to get a perfect massage made just for you.

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D1 SmartHub

Dimension One is proud to introduce their next generation control system. Building on top of their well-recieved M-drive system, the D1 SmartHub adds new features such as a full-color touchscreen, easy-to-use lit control buttons, and even Bluetooth functionality.

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Tactile Therapy

Dimension One is so dedicated to getting you the best possible massage experience out of their spas that they make sure you are getting a massage even where they can't put any jets. This takes the form of several bumps coming from the floor, designed to hit key acupressure points to release stress.

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UltraPure is the state-of-the-art UV Ozone Sanitation system built into Reflection Series spas. UltraPure expands upon the industry standard Ozone systems by introducing a mixer which ensures that the ozone is properly integrated into the water, which makes it much more effective for killing and oxidizing bacteria. It's also extremely energy-efficient, returning 85% of it's energy usage as heat back to the spa's water.

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Seating Capacity 5-person spa
Dimensions 7'8 x 7'8 x 3' inches
Average Spa Volume 325 gallons
Dry Weight 900 lbs.
Total Filled Weight 3612 lbs.
Jet Pumps 2x 2.5HP Jet Pumps
Circulation Pump included
Filtration System EZ-Lock Filtration System
Electrical Requirements 240V 30/40/50A

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