Crown Wish

Crown Series by Marquis Spas

They call this the Wish because it's got everything you've ever wanted in a hot tub, all in one package. Seating includes a full sized Adarondak style lounge focusing on deep tissue massage and four seats with various elevations so you can switch between deep relaxing seating to a higher position for cooling down. This model features two High Output Therapy jet clusters that target the muscles that make up your lumbar or sholders, and if you choose to get the two-pump model you also get the added benefit of the incredible Regal Whitewater-4 jet which will provide an unbeatable foot massage to one of two possible seats. Best of all, whenever you purchase the Wish, a portion of the proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Features and Options

Worker-Owned; American-Made

Marquis is actually owned by it's workers. As a result, Marquis is one of the few spa manufacturers that do all of their manufacturing in the United States of America. Since the workers own the company, you are guaranteed that your spa has been designed and put together with the utmost care and deliberation.

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Regal Whitewater-4 Jet

The greatest Jewel of the Crown collection is our unique Regal Whitewater-4 Jet. This jet is designed hand-in-hand with the pumps in the spa to offer you the optimum balance of water flow and pressure. Because it pushes out so much water, it gives you a wide amount of coverage that is intense at the center and gradually tapers out from there.

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Dynamic Flow Control Valve

Customize your massage with this innovative control feature. Turn the knob towards the red side to activate the red jets, or turn it to the blue side to activate the blue jets. Each valve controls both the jets and the mixture of air going through them, so you can dial it to your own personal comfort level. These valves are set conveniently right next to each seat, so personalized comfort is always within reach.

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Regal Hydrokinetic Jets

The Crown Collection features a supercharged massage experience thanks to the introduction of Marquis' custom-made Regal Hydrokinetic Jets. Thanks to these jets, each spa offers over 90% of jets with direct laminar flow, which means that there is no turbulance in the plumbing that would reduce the power of the massage. Combined with Marquis' famous High Output Therapy, the Crown Collection provides some of the best massage experiences you will find in any spa on the market today.

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This spa is already a fountain of health and relaxation, but if you add on the Microsilk option, it becomes a fountain of youth as well.

Microsilk floods your spa water with microscopic air bubbles which are so fine that they can penetrate your pores. This helps break away the layer of dead skin cells, revealing the younger more beautiful skin underneath. And that's not all; microbubble systems like this are also proven to help reduce chronic pain from rheumatic arthritis and is even a potent treatment for chronic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and ichthyosis.

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Seating Capacity 5-person spa
Dimensions 77 x 77 x 36 inches
Average Spa Volume 260 gallons
Dry Weight 600 lbs.
Total Filled Weight 2760 lbs.
Jet Pumps 1x 240GPM pump or 2x pumps totaling 320GPM
Filtration System Vortex Filter
Electrical Requirements 240VAC 30/50A

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