Vector21 Series by Marquis Spas

The V65L offers all the benefits of the Vector21 series in a smaller size that is perfect for most patios and decks. Enjoy Marquis' unique interchangable jetpods that, combined with V3 controlers for adjustable intensity, provide a massage that is 100% designed for your body.

Features and Options

Interchangable Jetpods

The crown of the Vector21 series, these Jetpods can be swapped around to customize your massage experiance so you get the perfect massage that matches your unique build. Each jetpod features Direct Laminar Flow technology that ensures that the flow of water is as efficient as possible. That means that your massage is as powerful as it can get.
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V3 Valves

The new V3 Valves are the perfect compliment to Vector21's Jetpods. These jets change the pressure going through those jets, giving a new dimention to your customized massage experiance.
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Ultra-Quiet Pumps

Enjoy your spa without the noise-induced headache. The nearly silent operation of these pumps allow you to listen to music or have a conversation without having to resort to yelling.

Marquis actually goes the extra mile with their pumps; instead of marketing them by their horsepower rating, which has varying effect to jet flow, they list the actual Gallons Per Minute output from the pumps, so you know exactly how well they will perform.

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Smartclean™ System

Marquis' Smartclean™ System contols the filtration of your hot tub after you use it. After every use, it will automatically activate the filtration system, cleaning your spa of body oils, dirt, and debris.

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American-Made Quality

Marquis builds their spas right out of their factory in Las Vegas, NV. They are well known in the industry for their persuit of quality and durability, ensuring that any spa they build is an investment that will last you for years to come.

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Seating Capacity 4-person spa
Dimensions 84" x 65" x 29.5" inches
Average Spa Volume 210 gallons
Dry Weight 440 lbs.
Total Filled Weight 2191 lbs.
Jet Pumps 1 Pump
Filtration System ConstantClean Filtration System
Electrical Requirements 120V / 15A

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