Start Swimming in Your Own Back Yard with the Best Swim Spas

Forget the crowds, the eye-watering chlorine vapors, and the screaming kids you'd deal with at your community pool and enjoy an invigorating swim from the privacy of your own home. Our innovative swimming vessels put a private pool easily in reach for any home.

Concrete Pools Don't Even Compare

Spraying concrete to make pools is a technology that is now over 100 years old. Our modern designs outperform in-ground swimming pools in every way imaginable while still costing significantly less. Our swiming vessels often have less than half of the cost to install when compared to a similarly-sized concrete and plaster pool, while still offering features you would have to pay extra for such as heating and high-powered filtration. With heating and insulation as standard, keeping them running year-round is far more affordable. They can also be installed inground or in a deck.

Unparalled Swimspa Selection

Whiteswan has the greatest variety of swim spas available in one place.

ATV: Aquatic Training Vessels

Built Strong For Strength-Building

Our Aquatic Training Vessels come standard with everything you need for an invigorating swim. Being designed by six-time Ironman Competition winner Dave Scott, the ATV line was created for personal fitness at any level. With noise-isolated pumps, they feature the most quiet swim jets in the industry.

ATVs are the strongest swim spas on the planet, being built on top of a unibody fiberglass structure, and come with non-slip surfaces and lane markers permanently bonded to the shell. An ATV is an investment that is designed to last.

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TidalFit Swim Spas

Your Personalized Oasis

TidalFit Swim Spas are built around your personal requirements. Choose from a wide variety of vessels, then choose from an even larger selection of options. Because of their flexibility, TidalFit offers both our most basic and our most advanced swim spa models!

TidalFit offers one advantage that no other manufacturer has been able to replicate. They offer specially designed semi-inground models designed to make your installation far easier and less expensive. Check out our details page for more information.

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Dual-Temp Swim Spas by TidalFit

Everything You've Ever Dreamed Of

We often have people visit us who are torn between getting a swimming pool or a hot tub. I've got some great news for you; you don't have to choose anymore!

With our dual temperature swim spas, you get two bodies of water in one package. Get your swimming done in the relatively cool water of the swimming section, then when you are done you can relax with a massage from the jets in the warm water of your spa.

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